Friday, January 23, 2015

Get moving! {Week 3 in Exodus}

This week my bible study group "Good Morning Girls" is reading Exodus 11-15.  I've learned many things during the read through this week!  The way our group approaches the scripture is by using the acronym SOAK {click HERE to learn what that is about}.  

The "A" for application, is one of my favorite parts.  It's so neat to see how stories from long ago can apply to my life and encourage me!  The bible legacy is incredible!  

In Exodus 14:15 the Egyptian army is coming after the Israelites.  This is before the infamous parting of the Red Sea.  The people are afraid and complaining.  Moses gives them a pep talk about trusting God and God says to Moses:

“Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on." Exodus 14:15

Or my preferred New Living Translation reads: 

I love that because my chosen word of the year is MOVE!  

I am just like the people in that chapter.  I moan and complain about my circumstances.  I ask for prayer for motivation, discipline and energy.  I spend hours planning by writing lists and prioritizing things.  But the bottom line is I need to do less planning and talking and praying and GET TO DOING... ie. MOVING!  I know that God likes to hear our prayers, but I still need to DO my part, and that requires simply getting off my butt and doing it!  

Simple concept, but this overwhelmed at times, and easily distracted Momma needs the reminder!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Easy Artisan Bread in a what?

My brother-in-law loves to cook and he makes this amazing artisan bread in a dutch oven!  I had used a bread machine in the past but I don't care for the little hole in the bottom and never really liked the crust.  {And for some reason making bread the "old fashioned way" intimidates me!}

But this was just too easy to not try!

First I had to buy a dutch oven!  They are super expensive and I had one sitting on my wish list for years!  I wanted one mainly for roasts and soups but made do without it... but the idea of easy, delicious bread made it a top priority!  haha!

Target had a sale after Christmas and I scored a T-Fal brand one for only $39!  I was thrilled!  {If you know the regular cost of these puppies, you'll know what a deal that was!}

My BIL sent me his recipe but it required weighing the ingredients.  I don't have a kitchen scale so googled another recipe and found tons.  I just printed this recipe {CLICK HERE} because it looked easy enough!  {Heads up, you'll need a Kitchen Aid with the dough hook.}

It was super easy to do!!!  Look how beautiful!  *squeal!*

We gobbled up most of it with supper last night but had some toast for breakfast too!

And it tasted so yummy!  My kids were purring and told me that I shouldn't buy loaf bread ever again.  I seriously felt like a super star!!


Now I just need an electric knife!  I want to take this to the next level!  haha!

Anyone want to have us for supper?  I'll bring the bread!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My planner for 2015

So last month I blogged over at and wrote about my daily planner, but since that post, I had to change things up.  {That's just how organization goes.  It's always changing as our lives change, and that's totally ok!  It's better to abandon one idea and try something that might work better!}

The thing is, I do more in a day than I realized!  I really needed more space on my planner than a month at a glance provides!  I had seen the Passion Planner on Facebook and loved the layout so much!  Look how lovely....

Visit their website here: Passion Planner
I love the weekly layout and the time slots!!!  Sadly they were on back order so I went to Staples instead to see if I could find something comparable.

Success!  I found The Action Day Planner!

The layout looks super similar to the Passion Planner except the weekends don't have the full time range that I would prefer.  But I still love it!  I can put my to do list, cleaning schedule, meal plans, etc all in one place.  After seeing many things online, I knew I wanted to try this format and so far so good!  I've been using it for two weeks and I'm already making better use of my time because I can see what's going on all week.

Plus I just love making it all colorful and pretty!  It makes me so happy!  {But next year, I am going to get that Passion Planner!}

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Stop ignoring what you know you should do

This week with Good Morning Girls, we read Exodus 6-10.  Moses went to the Pharaoh and asked him to release the Israelites so they could go out to the wilderness and worship God.  The Pharaoh was pretty stubborn and wouldn't let them go, time and time again.  As a consequence God sent various plagues.  During each plague the Pharaoh lied to Moses and agreed to let the slaves go but as soon as the plague was lifted, he went back on his word and didn't follow through!

Personally, I thought he was a power trippin' jerk!  He saw the power of God displayed yet STILL refused to do what was right.  He was so wrapped up in his pride, that he refused to make the better decision for his life AND the life of his people!

And sadly, many of us are no different than the Pharaoh.  We don't want to accept God for who He is or how He wants us to live our lives.  We have hard hearts too.

Pharaoh said what he had to say to get through each plague, but he didn't change.  He was all talk.  {I'm sure you can apply that statement to many different scenarios!}  I couldn't help but think of people I know who've had health scares and then were motivated to do the right things to care for their bodies.  But after time they became complacent, you know, when the urgency passed.  {The plague had lifted.}

And I told myself this....

Man!  I have my convictions too!
My prayer this week is to make better decisions based on what I know to be right and how I know God wants me to live.  To look at the big picture.  It isn't just about me.  Like the Pharaoh, my decisions affect "my people", my family.

Do you ignore something that you've been convicted of?
Do you need to quit smoking?
Have you been flirting with a coworker?
Have you been eating junk and gaining weight?
Do you need to visit an aging parent or grandparent?
Do you need to get off your gadgets and spend more time with your family?
Do you need to exercise for the sake of good health?
Do you need to stop yelling at your kids?
Are you violent and feel guilty afterwards?
Oh so many scenarios where we know what is RIGHT and do the opposite.

So much to think about. All from a few pages in a bible!
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PS.  I am sharing just a teeny tiny bit of what I've learned this week.  There have been so many other things too... history stuff, and cultural stuff... I really enjoy this study!  If you hop over to Courtney's blog post for Friday, she has a link up for other bloggers.  It's really interesting to read what different people focus on for the week!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Organizing jewelry

I shared this idea six years ago {wow - I've been blogging that long!} but felt it was worth re-sharing since my old pictures are quite pathetic and I changed the look a little!  {Click here to see my original post, done before the popularity of Pinterest or pretty pics in a blog post!}

As a SAHM who homeschools, I don't wear earrings most days, never mind pretty necklaces.  But I can still enjoy what I own by displaying it on my wall!

This is a cork board covered with wrapping paper, pattern down.  {I plan to update it with pretty fabric but I have other projects waiting ahead of this idea!} 

I covered the whole thing with a layer of tulle so I could hook my earrings on that next to the necklaces they match.  

Cute straight pins have replaced the push pins I used to use!  And I have all the jewelry organized by color so it looks pretty.

So even though I don't wear my jewelry every day, I still get to see it and enjoy the whole display as artwork!

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Indoor Kid Activity - guest post alert

I guest post over at and I shared a simple indoor fun idea I do with my kids.  Click HERE to view what my kids are playing with!!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Coconut oil & seborrheic dermatitis

I know a lot of people have been talking about coconut oil and its many health benefits both when consumed and used topically.  If you have NO idea about this, then check out this link to a list of 107 everyday uses for coconut oil or just do an internet search yourself!  You'll find oodles!

So... the scoop.. I have eczema on my scalp, aka seborrheic dermatitis {more info here but eczema is easier to say and most people have a clue what I'm talking about!}  Normally it's contained just to that area but sometimes it spreads in front of my ears.  A couple months ago I got it on my forehead and on just one eyebrow!  I have never had it spread so far on my face before!  

{Yay me... my sensitive skin is reason I limit make-up... Oh and I'm lazy!  haha!}

So going back to coconut oil.... I first started using it as a carrier for essential oils which I wrote about {here} but since then I've been trying to use it in other ways.  After this eczema outbreak along with the lovely dryness from the colder weather, I decided to try the coconut oil as a daily moisturizer for my face.  Within days, the patches of eczema on my forehead cleared up!!  I have never seen it clear up this quickly before?!  I was so excited and had to share!  Apparently coconut oil is antibacterial and has anti-fungal properties.  I had no idea!

Although the coconut oil worked on my forehead, I don't know how to use it on my scalp.  My hair would look really greasy if I applied it there.  Soooo if anyone reading this has any insight or advice on how to help, I would love to hear from you!  I started to break out when I was a teenager and the only time my scalp has been perfectly clear was when I was pregnant!  I always thought it was hormonal but I've been learning lately is that is could be related to food. In the past 20+ years, I have used Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, tar shampoos, Neutrogena T-gel, tea tree oil shampoo, and even a prescription shampoo.  The most relief I ever got was when I went "no poo" and used baking soda in water to wash my hair and vinegar and water to rinse.  I did that for a couple months in 2013 and although my scalp loved it, my hair did not!   So much more research to do and would appreciate any help!

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